Benefits of the LLC – Limited Liability Company

If you are thinking of starting a new business, one necessary matter is determining what business structure you will use. There are 4 major benefits of an LLC for a business owner. Given the low costs to forming an LLC, learn how the limited liability company can help you with liability protection and to create a profitable business. LegalZoom vs ZenBusiness


The greatest of all benefits of an LLC is protection from being personally liable for the debts and obligations of your business. Without the use of a limited liability entity such as an LLC, you would be placing everything you own at risk. In the world today where the number of lawsuits filed every day is always increasing, this liability protection is so important.


The second of the benefits of an LLC is that it positions your business as a more trustworthy business. Just the mere fact that the business owners chose a limited liability company as the official business vehicle to run and operate their business evidences intelligent and serious planning.

Anyone can come up with a name and call themselves a business. With so many fly by night and fake businesses out there, customers seem to distinguish the legal entity businesses as more trustworthy.

By forming a limited liability company as your business, you will be perceived as more trustworthy which goes a long way for a new business when it comes to getting new customers and establishing your brand.


Another great advantage is that the LLC business qualifies for a single layer of taxation without having to meet any complex requirements with the Internal Revenue Service. This tax structure is helpful to the new business owner because it avoids the double taxation of the corporate tax structure and allows owners to take advantages of business losses on their personal tax returns each year.

In a few cases, the corporation tax structures may be more beneficial than the single layer tax structure. In this event, an LLC is allowed to elect to be taxed under a corporate tax structure. After forming a limited liability company, the LLC must make an election for this tax treatment within 75 days.

When it comes to taxation, business owners should keep proper records and follow the proper tax and accounting procedures to avoid tax audits. Sole proprietorships are at least 6 times more likely to get audited. This has to do with business legitimacy. As with customers, the IRS knows that it is easy for someone to claim they have a sole proprietorship business and try to claim business deductions.

By going through the effort of forming a limited liability company and operating a business through an LLC, it is a sign of a higher likelihood of a legitimate business with valid business deductions.


The fourth of the benefits of an LLC include simplicity and operational flexibility. The laws allow the members to determine the best set of operational and governance rules applicable to their business.

This is a great benefit because after forming a limited liability company because you are able to customize the rules for how your LLC will be most effectively operated.